New Delhi: One person died, while the health condition of 25 other patients deteriorated after they were allegedly  given injections using a single syringe at District Hospital in Datia district of Madhya Pradesh. As per a report, 52-year-old Imtat Singh, who is a cousin of district vice president Sarnam Singh Rajput, died five to seven minutes after being given the injection.

Police officers say that they “received a complaint that wrong injections were given to patients because of the negligence of nurses. Report of medical board awaited.”

According to Dr PK Sharma, a civil surgeon in the hospital, “Single syringe was used for all patients. Instead of distilled water, normal water was used by nurses.” Meanwhile, the hospital argued against the allegations and claimed that the syringe used on patients was not expired.

In a similar incident, a family claimed that they discovered rat-bite marks on the body of their 70-year-old relative after he passed away in a hospital in Madhya Pradesh. The patient Jagdish Chadar was admitted in the ICU of Damoh district hospital on August 6. Although he raised the issue of a rat in the ICU, no action was taken.

(With ANI inputs)