New Delhi, Feb 28: The Congress party has won both the assembly seats– Kolaras and  Mungaoli–in Madhya Pradesh bye-elections on Wednesday– defeating BJP candidates comprehensively. It is a massive shot-in-the-arm for the party ahead of the assembly elections due this year. (Updates) Also Read - Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election 2018: Congress Releases Party Manifesto; Promises to Reduce Fuel Prices

In Kolaras, Congress party’s Mahendra Singh Yadav defeated BJP’s Devendra Jain by a hefty margin of over 8,000 votes. The Congress candidate got 82, 515 votes, the BJP got 74,432 votes. Also Read - Congress Has Three CM Candidates in Madhya Pradesh, Each Pulling Others Down, Says PM Modi

In Mungaoli, Congress party’s Brijendra Singh Yadav defeated Bai Sahab Yadav of the Bharatiya Janata Party. The Congress candidate got 70,808 votes, whereas the BJP candidate got 68,684 votes. Also Read - Digvijaya Singh Says Congress Loses Votes if he Campaigns, Clarifies Later; BJP Takes Dig

Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia called the win “victory of truth and development.” He said people of the state have made up their mind to send the BJP packing.

“People have taken a decision. It’s victory of truth & development. The govt which had not seen the face of Mungaoli in 14 years camped there with their entire cabinet during election,” he said.

Meanwhile, in Bijepur bypolls in Odisha, the Biju Janata Dal defeated the Congress party.