New Delhi: A Class 10th State Board Exam paper for Social Science in Madhya Pradesh had a question that mentioned Pakistan-occupied Kashmir as ‘Azad Kashmir’ not once, but twice. An image of the question paper has gone viral on social media platforms stirring up a controversy against the Congress government in state. Also Read - Despite Receiving News of Mother's Death, MP Health Officer Continues to Perform His Duty

The Kamal Nath government, that was already in deep waters due to the BJP’s poaching allegation on the Chief Minister, now has a new criticism to be prepared for. Two questions were asked in the MP Board’s Class 10 exam, one where the students had to match the right pair with ‘Azad Kashmir’ and another question, where they were asked to point out the same on India’s map. Also Read - Man Walks 200 KMs From Delhi to Reach Madhya Pradesh But Dies in Agra

The question left students appearing for the exam utterly confused. The Board or the teachers have not commented on the issue yet.

‘Azad Kashmir’ is a term coined by Pakistan as a propaganda mechanism to address a part of Kashmir that the country considers its own. There is a high presence of Pakistani military forces in the area taken under illegal occupation. The term has been brought up time and again by people supporting the independence of the former state of Jammu and Kashmir.