New Delhi, August 12: A class 10 boy in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur distributed Rs 46 Lakh of his father’s money among his friends in school, on the occasion of friendship’s day. Amongst the ones he gave out the lumpsum amount were a daily wager’s son, who the boy gave a sum of Rs 15 Lakh, and another 3 Lakh was provided to his friend who had apparently finished his homework, media reports said.

The father who was a builder by profession had kept the amount in his cupboard after he sold a property worth Rs 60 Lakh. Later, when he found the amount missing, he took up the matter with the police.

When the police started investigating, they found that it was the builder’s son who had taken the money and distributed it amongst his friends. Reportedly, one of the kids even bought a new car with the given money. Also, the daily wager’s son has gone missing thereafter.

“The boy’s father has given us a list of students and we are trying to contact all of them. Parents of five students, who got the biggest shares, were summoned by the police and were told to return the money within five days. No case has been registered so far as all those involved are minors,” SI B S Tomar told TOI.

Meanwhile, the police are trying to retrive the amount from the parents of the kids who were given money.