Bhopal: A Madhya Pradesh policeman carried an injured man on his shoulders and ran for over a kilometre to save his life, said a report. The incident occurred on Saturday when 20-year-old Ajith fell from a speeding train near a village in Seoni Malwa district of Madhya Pradesh.

Police-constable Poonam Billore told ANI, “The spot was around 2km away from the railway gate, even ambulance couldn’t reach. We went by foot & found him critically injured. So to save his life, I carried him on my shoulders to a railway crossing over 1.5km away. He was then taken to the hospital.”

The video which went viral on social media shows constable Billore running on the railway tracks despite the passing of trains in the adjacent tracks. The injured person is undergoing treatment at a hospital in Hoshangabad, stated news agency ANI.

The Madhya Pradesh police was informed of the incident and immediately constable Poonam Billore reached the spot along with his driver Rahul Sakalle. The constable ran to the accident victim after he realised that there was no other way to rescue him. With no road connectivity, there was no way to drive the vehicle to the place. Upon rescuing the injured youth, the constable ran to his police vehicle which was parked over a kilometre away from the place where the accident had occurred.

Meanwhile, after informing the police, a person had allegedly video-recorded the entire rescue incident.