Bhopal: The Congress party Saturday released its manifesto for Madhya Pradesh ahead of the state Assembly Elections 2018. Apart from wooing farmers and youths of the state, the poll manifesto also found a place for the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). The party has promised that if it is voted to power in Madhya Pradesh, the RSS shakhas would not be allowed in government buildings and premises.

Apart from banning the right-wing shakhas from the government buildings and its premises, the poll manifesto also said that the earlier order which allowed government employees to attend RSS shakhas will also be revoked.

Releasing its manifesto for the November 28 Assembly polls, the main opposition party also promised a slew of benefits for other sections of the society in the state where it is making a renewed bid to dislodge the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) from power and write off farm loans of up to Rs 2 lakh.

Aggressively wooing farmers, who had launched a statewide protest last year, the party promised a social security pension to them and a rebate in the registration fee of land documents, besides a financial help of Rs 51,000 for the marriage of daughters of small cultivators.

Titled “Vachan Patra” (document of promises), the Rahul Gandhi-led party, out of power in Madhya Pradesh since 2003, also promised a minimum support price (MSP) for crops in accordance with the Swaminathan Commission’s recommendations.

In an attempt to portray a soft-Hindutva face, the Congress party included Lord Ram, Narmada river and cow urine in its manifesto. It promised “adhyatmik vibhag (spiritual department)”, promotion of Sanskrit language, development the “Ram path” (mythical route taken by Lord Ram) and the commercial production of “gaumutra” (cow urine) and “kanda” (cowdung cakes).

“The BJP used to brand us as Muslim Party. It’s a conscious decision to shed that tag thrust on us by our rivals. We are not a Muslim party, we are a secular party. But it’s true that you can’t win elections without taking care of the majority community. We do respect Muslims,” an Indian Express report quotes manifesto committee chairman Rajendra Singh as saying.