New Delhi: A man, in his twenties, on Sunday caused a major security breach as he rushed into an active runway at Raja Bhoj airport in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh and damaged the front of a chopper before sitting down in front of a SpiceJet flight that was taxiing for take-off. He has been detained by the police.

According to reports, the intruder, identified as Yogesh Tripathi, damaged the nose cone of a parked helicopter and broke its glass pane with stones before sprinting towards the apron area where the Udaipur-bound flight was spooling its engines to take-off.

The SpiceJet flight to Udaipur carrying 46 passengers was delayed by an hour and ultimately left at 8 PM.

“We got information about a man entering the airport illegally. The intruder was overpowered by CISF personnel within seconds when he ran towards the airport’s apron before he could enter the runway,” senior police officer Lokesh Sinha told news agency PTI. He was later handed over to the local police.

Singh furthered that the man appeared to mentally unstable as he was shouting slogans like ‘I’m a commando’, ‘I want to serve my nation’. He added that Tripathi damaged the chopper with his bare hands.