New Delhi: As nationwide scare over coronavirus slightly sifted the national focus from the Madhya Pradesh mayhem, chief minister Kamal Nath on Friday went to meet Governor Lalji Tandon. According to reports, the CM sought a floor test as 22 Congress MLAs resigned from the Assembly, soon after Jyotiraditya Scindia resigned from the Congress. About 19 MLAs who are Scindia loyalists have been moved to Bengaluru. Congress claimed that some of them were fraudulently made to sign the resignation paper. Many want to come back. Six MLAs released videos countering the claim and said that they resigned on their own. Also Read - People Have Faith in Kamal Nath’s Capacity: Sharad Pawar on Madhya Pradesh Crisis

Now that the Congress is seeking a floor test, does it have enough numbers? Also Read - Madhya Pradesh Crisis: Scindia Likely to Join BJP Today, Kamal Nath Says Nothing to Worry | Top Developments

Apparently, there are many ifs and buts as resigning from the Assembly is subject to many considerations. The Speaker of the Assembly will have to accept those resignations to make them effective. Speaker NP Prajapati had earlier said that he wouldn’t accept resignations unless these are submitted in person. Also Read - Madhya Pradesh Crisis: ‘Nothing to Worry About, Our Govt Will Complete Its Term,’ Says Kamal Nath

“I told the Governor how MLAs are being kept in captivity in Bengaluru and how their resignations are being given to Speaker by a BJP leader. This is a joke. This is a conspiracy by BJP,” the CM said after meeting the Governor.

“It raises questions of constitutional property and legislative procedure and transparency. The submission smacks of and is dehors the provisions of Constitution and the Legislative Rules in force for submission and acceptance of resignations of MLAs,” the CM’s letter to Governor said.