New Delhi: Yet another incident of stale and worms-ridden food came to light on Wednesday after a passenger travelling in Shatabdi Express bound from Gwalior to Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh complained after being served daal with worms and insects in it.

Atul Kalgaonkar, who was travelling from New Delhi to Habibgang in coach C-3 of Shatabdi Express lodged a complaint in the Complaint Book after he received worms in the lentil served in vegetarian food on the train.

Insects and worms found in dal served on Shatabdi Express.

The food service contract on Shatabdi Express is with the IRCTC, while the food trays are handled by the railway staff on board. Chief Public Relation Officer of IRCTC, Siddhant Singh, said that the matter is being investigated and the contractor if found guilty of the incident, will be scrutinised. However, the possibility of insects reaching the food from inside the train has not been ruled out, he said.

This is not the first time that food served on Shatabdi Express has come under the scanner. In fact, several complaints have been lodged in Madhya Pradesh-bound base kitchens of the train in stations like Bhopal, Itarsi and Jhansi, who are notorious for slipping up the quality of food served to passengers on board.

Recently, a similar incident took place after a passenger travelling to New Delhi via Gwalior in Shatabdi Express started having chest pain after consuming stale and fungus ridden food. Another passenger onboard Bhopal Shatabdi Express lodged a complaint after he was served fungus-ridden paranthas. The incident turned into an agitation after he along with several other passengers created a ruckus over the food served.