Bhopal, March 27: In another horrific incident showing pitiable conditions of government hospitals in Madhya Pradesh, a mauled body of a woman was found in the premises of a government hospital. The incident was reported on Sunday morning from Rajgarh district, which is about 130 km from state capital Bhopal. It was reported by TOI that the dogs ate the body of a 70-year-old patient while its remains, which were left in the hospital premises were spotted by the sanination workers. The patient was reported as missing from the hospital on March 22. This disturbing incident is the fifth such incident in the Madhya Pradesh in less than 10 months, and the second this year.Also Read - Viral Video: Bhopal Vendor Caught Cleaning Coriander Leaves in Drain Water, Case Filed | Watch

The grisly remains were spotted by the cleaners and sanitation workers in the surrounding area of the hospital. The woman was identified as Bismillah Khan, who had been admitted in the female ward of the same hospital by police a week back.  Bismillah had left the hospital mysteriously a couple of days back and what added to the horror was that the hospital authorities were unaware that she was missing until they found what was left of her in the backyard of the hospital campus. “It was just a head and half the torso. Even that had been chewed up. It was gruesome. There wasn’t much left for a post-mortem,” an official was quoted by TOI. It was also reported that the woman was identified from her purse and scraps of her sari and sweater. (ALSO READ: Hyderabad: Stray dog tries to run away carrying 3-day-old infant in mouth) Also Read - Vegetable Vendor Washes Coriander Leaves With Drain Water on Camera, Faces Action | Watch Video

Following the possibility that the woman was eaten by the stray animals, the Rajgarh district administration has ordered a probe by sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) and sub-divisional officer of police (SDOP) to investigate the gruesome incident. Civil surgeon, Dr S Yadu was said that the body was spotted by the cleaning staff owing to the intolerable stench emanating from it. “With the body being in extremely bad shape, its autopsy was conducted at the spot where it was found”, he was quoted by The New Indian Express. Also Read - From TV to Mobile Phones, Locals in Bhopal Villages Get Rewards For Ensuring Cleanliness at Their Homes & Surroundings

Many such gruesome and disturbing incidences have bee reported from government hospitals in the state. In January this year, the mauled body of a newborn girl child was found in the garden of Indore’s MY Hospital, which is the largest government hospital in Madhya Pradesh. Meanwhile, last year in June 2016, stray dogs had reportedly walked away with the body of a stillborn from the burns unit of the same MY Hospital. On December 22, 2016, rats were reported eating up the eyes of a corpse in Hamidia Hosptial in Bhopal.