Katni: A woman who hanged herself to death from the ceiling at her house reportedly gave birth to a child in the moment of suicide. The incident happened in Katni district on Thursday and the newborn was found alive and attached to the umbilical cord.

The deceased has been identified as 36-year-old Laxmi Thakur. Her husband Santosh, a farmer, called the police after seeing her hanging.

“When I reached the spot, Laxmi was dead. But I realised that there was something under her sari and was taken aback to see a baby dangling between her legs, attached to the umbilical cord,” said police sub-inspector Kavita Sahni was quoted as saying in a PTI report.

A gynaecologist was called who cut the umbilical cord and released the child, a boy. He was rushed to the district hospital and was doing fine, she added.

As to the reason for the woman’s suicide, Sahni said it appeared that she was fed up with the abject poverty in which the couple lived.

According to the police, the newborn is Laxmi and Santosh’s fifth child. Meanwhile, a probe to ascertain the exact cause behind the woman’s extreme step is underway.