Mumbai: An 18-year-old engineering student named Saurabh Nagpurkar hanged himself at his home in Kasabpura, and left behind a suicide note claiming he was ‘summoned’ by the spirit of a boy whose accidental death he had witnessed a few weeks ago. The boy committed suicide on Sunday night. Also Read - Cyclone Nisarga: No Flight Operation at Mumbai Airport Till 7 PM; Mobile Network Services Disrupted in Raigad

“The suicide note says that he had witnessed a small boy’s accidental death on Umrer Road nearly two months ago. Since that day, that boy’s ‘soul’ kept haunting him and beckoning him,” a police official told IANS. In the note, Nagpurkar also said that he kept hearing mysterious voices and strange visions and himself met with a couple of minor accidents because of what he had witnessed. It also kept troubling his mind, and the boy’s soul kept ‘calling’ him. Also Read - Cyclone Nisarga Makes Landfall Near Raigad District, 90 km Away From Mumbai

“We are scanning his mobile, laptop, the kind of films or games he was interested in, to get more clues. We are also speaking with his friends and college-mates to ascertain what exactly was wrong with him,” Dhakulkar said. Nagpurkar profusely apologised to his parents and even requested his elder sister to look after them properly after his death. Also Read - Cyclone Nisarga in Here: 5 Reasons Why Nisarga is Particularly Worrying For Mumbai

However, the boy’s distraught family said they have no suspicions on anybody.

Police have termed Nagpurkar’s suicide note as “very strange since he was a very intelligent student, appeared rational and normal by all accounts”. In fact, a day earlier, he had celebrated his birthday by going to an orphanage along with 15 friends of his alma mater, New English High School, Mahal. He was running an online campaign among friends and social sites asking them to save at least Rs 100 from their birthday celebrations and spend it on the orphans in the city. Many of his friends are shocked at Nagpurkar’s decision to end his life.

(With IANS inputs)