New Delhi: Shiv Sena leader and Thackeray scion Aaditya Thackeray, who is contesting the Maharashtra Assembly election for the first time, on Thursday released his vision of development for his constituency, saying Worli likes development and that too sustainable.

“My vision for Worli is straight and simple; to listen to the soul of Worli and every voice that is unheard. Worli doesn’t like disruption, Worli likes development and that too sustainable,” he said in a vision statement to the people of his constituency.

Saying that his constituency has a lot more work to be done, he highlighted some focal area that needs urgent attention. “There is work to do! Issues of traffic, redevelopment of slums and BDD Chawls, creating open and accessible sports infrastructure, upgrading pedestrian pathways. And then there is more work to do,” he said.

From bringing tourism to Koliwada to upgrading Worli’s commercial mill compounds, his top agenda of development includes creating more green space in and around his constituency.

“From bringing tourism to Koliwada to upgrading Worli’s bustling recently open shopping and commercial mill compounds. From green spaces and silent roads to its promenade,” he said.

He asked the people of his constituency to get ready to see the development when he will come to power.“This is what Worli will come to see. Hence, as I said, be prepared to hear unheard language from the world over, coming to see the development of Worli as it wants and as it truly deserves,” he further said.

Thackeray scion on October 3 filed his nomination from the Worli seat in Mumbai for the upcoming Maharashtra polls. Thousands of Shiv Sena workers and supporters had gathered on the streets of Worli, south Mumbai as the Thackeray junior headed the rally for his nomination.

Aaditya was accompanied by his mother Rashmi and younger brother Tejas, father and Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray while going for the nomination.

On October 5, Maharashtra Chief Minister and BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis reiterated his support for the Shiv Sena candidate and said the young leader will win by a huge margin.

“I am confident that Aditya Thackeray will win by a very huge margin in the elections and we will see him with us in the assembly,” Fadnavis had said in a press conference.