New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday attacked the opposition for questioning the abrogation of Article 370 saying that the comments of those who ‘opposed and ridiculed’ will be remembered.

Attacking the Congress at a rally in Beed district’s Parli in poll-bound Maharashtra, the Prime Minister said that while on the one hand, Congress party workers were desperate and disappointed, on the other hand, BJP workers were full of energy and enthusiasm. Wondering if those with a defeatist attitude can serve the people, he said that just like the voters of Beed, voters across Maharashtra, too, are with the BJP.

He further called it a battle between the BJP’s ‘work power’ and a ‘selfish’ opposition. The PM also remarked that it would be a historic win for the BJP in the state elections.

On the opposition’s stand on the abrogation of Article 370, he said, “Whenever Article 370 will be discussed in history, the decision that was taken in the interest of the country, then the people who opposed and ridiculed it, their comments will be remembered.”

He added, “A Congress leader had said that had there been Hindus in Kashmir, BJP Government would have never taken this decision. Do you see ‘Hindu-Muslim’ in the unity & integrity of the country?”

Continuing his attack on the Congress, the PM asked the audience if the country had been destroyed post the abrogation of Article 370, as this is what, he said, a Congress leader said would happen. He also asked, referring to comments by yet another Congress leader whether India had lost Kashmir because of the government’s move.

PM Modi further promised that he would make ‘arrangements’ for those opposition leaders who want to visit Kashmir.

Maharashtra and Haryana, both of which are BJP ruled, will go to polls on October 21, while results will be announced on October 24.