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The Maharashtra Assembly Election Results 2014 will be announced on 19 October. After voter sealed their votes in EVM machines, all the candidates have been waiting for the people’s judgment with crossed fingers. The five-cornered contest of Maharashtra Assembly Election witnessed lots of blame game, disputes and break ups. We look at all the important highlights of the state assembly election. Also Read - Here's the Cheque But...: Digvijaya Singh Donates Rs 1.11 Lakh For Ram Temple With One Condition

The big numbers: For the 288 seats of assembly 4119 candidates are in the fray. The voting was conducted on 91327 polling centers. The state has 8,33,93043 voters and it registered a turnout of  63.4 per cent. Also Read - Suvendu Vows To Defeat Mamata As Bengal CM Announces To Fight From Nandigram Seat | Key Points

Assembly Election Results of 2009: The Congress-NCP alliance had been ruling the state for the past 15 years. In 2009 assembly election, Congress won 82 seats while its ally NCP won 62. BJP and Shiv Sena won 46 seats and 44 seats respectively. Raj Thackeray-led Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) party secured 13 seats whereas 41 seats were won by Independents and other political parties.

Break ups: The Maharashtra Assembly Election 2014 saw the split between two alliance; Congress-NCP and Shiv Sena-BJP. The decades old alliance partners decided to judge their own strength and contested alone making the election result hard to predict.

Shiv Sena-BJP: The 25-year-old Shiv Sena-BJP alliance got over after the tussle over seat sharing and chief ministerial post. The rift between Sena-BJP started growing when BJP president Amit Shah in his speech said that next government in Maharashtra would be BJP-led government. It has indicated that the BJP would not play as a junior partner in the alliance. As soon as the dates of assembly election were announced, the BJP started demanding more seats to contest. After so many negotiations, BJP demanded minimum 130 seats while it contested on 119 seats in 2009. But Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray offered only 119 seats to BJP. After long drama, the saffron alliance finally reached to an end.

Congress-NCP split: Soon after BJP ended its partnership with Shiv Sena, the NCP also broke the alliance with Congress over seat sharing. After the poor performance of Congress in Lok Sabha Elections, NCP chief Sharad Pawar flexed his muscle demanding more seats for assembly elections. NCP demanded 144 seats while it contested on 114 in 2009 elections, justifying its claim that the party won just double of what Congress did in Lok Sabha elections in Maharashtra. But the Congress stuck to its position that it won’t accept NCP’s demand and the alliance got end.

Poll campaign: As the four big parties decided to go in the polls alone, it was expected that the state will see an intense poll campaign. The BJP that does not have any party face in the state, relied on Narendra Modi who raked the issue of farmers’ suicide and corruption in the poll campaigns. Criticizing over NCP, Modi called it a ‘Naturally Corrupt Party’. In a shocking move, Sena chief Uddhav blasted over Narendra Modi and even did not hesitate to indulge himself in making personal attack against Modi. Uddhav blamed BJP for the split. Fighting against anti-incumbency, Congress and NCP tried to woo voters claiming their regime as the era of development. Congress and NCP both instigated the border issue held current Modi-government for the ceasefire violations by Pakistan. MNS chief Raj Thackeray left no stone unturned to woo the voters and severely crticised Narendra Modi for giving preference to Gujarat state as compared to other states and taking soft stand against Pakistan. Who succeeded to convince the voters will come out on 19 October.

C-Voter Exit Polls: After listening the versions of all parties, people casted their votes on 15 October. Soon after the voting ended, exit poll results came out that predicting the victory of BJP. A Times Now-C Voter poll predicted the BJP would bag 129 of 288 seats and Sena was projected to win in 56 constituencies. The exit poll said the Congress and NCP were likely to win 43 and 36 seats respectively. C-Voter gave 12 seats to Raj Thackeray’s MNS.

ABP-Nielsen Exit Poll: The ABP-Nielsen poll predicted 144 seats for the BJP and 77 for the Sena. The exit poll suggested that Congress may win only 30 seats. The exit poll predicted the win of NCP and MNS in 29 and 3 seats respectively.

The India Today-Cicero exit poll: The India Today-Cicero exit poll saw the BJP winning 124 seats in Maharashtra. The poll predicted the Sena will be the second largest gainer in Maharashtra with 71 seats. As per the exit polls, Congress and NCP would face anti-incumbency backlash and may win just 35 and 29 seats respectively. The exit poll said MNS that won 13 seats in 2009 assembly elections, may get only seven seats this time.

Today’s Chanakya Exit Poll: Indicating clear majority of BJP in Maharashtra, Today’s Chanakya predicted 151 seats for BJP. According to the poll, Sena would grab 71 seats while Congress may win 27 seats. The exit poll gave 28 seats to NCP but predicted that MNS won’t win a single seat.

The politicians have played their cards and now voters will decide their fates. Let see who gets the key to govern Maharashtra.