Maharashtra Assembly Election Results 2019: The Maha polls in Maharashtra are a grand contest between two mega alliances – Shiv Sena-BJP, and opposition coalition Congress-NCP. The four parties are in for a fight in the 288 constituency assembly, with several other smaller parties tying themselves along to either of the groups.

Counting of votes has ended and the BJP-Sena alliance has proved majority in the state, with NCP trailing behind. Incidentally, the NCP has succeeded in Ahmednagar city, Rahuri, Karjat Jamkhed 43,347 votes as the BJP trailed by 29,191 votes, 23,326 votes, respectively.

NCP’s Nilesh Dnyandev Lanke won the Parner seat defeating Sena sitting candidate Auti Vijayrao Bhaskarrao by 59,838 votes.

On the other hand, the BJP superseded the NCP in Shrigonda and Georai seats in a close call.

In the previous election, the BJP, Shiv Sena, Congress, and NCP won 122, 63, 42 and 41 seats, respectively. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis is leading the ruling coalition for re-election this year. Notably, Shiv Sena has pitted debutant Aaditya Thackeray who is also eyeing the position of deputy chief minister.

The 223rd constituency of the 288 constituencies in Maharashtra, Raruri witnessed BJP and Congress candidates lock horns with each other as the latter party has fielded Prajakt Prasadrao Tanpure to compete against incumbent BJP MLA Kardile Shivaji Bhanudas. However, the NCP surpassed both parties gaining majority votes.

The Parner constituency has a total of 3,20,100 electors. After completing two terms, Shiv Sena candidate Auti Vijayrao Bhaskarrao was eyeing for a third consecutive win, however, NCP’s Nilesh Dhyandev Lanke battled hard and unseated Bhaskarrao.

The last bastion for the Congress-NCP coalition, Ahmednagar City is one of Maharashtra’s politically volatile that boasts about advanced sugar factories. Eyeing to defeat NCP’s incumbent MLA Sangram Arunkaka Jagtap who won this seat with a total of 49,378 votes, Shiv Sena fielded Anil Bhayya Ramkisan Rathod.

In Shrigonda, the BJP gave a tough fight to NCP winning the seat by a margin of 4,750 votes. The NCP had sought to extend the winning streak that it has maintained since 2004 by fielding Ghanshyam Prataprao Shelar against former party leader Pachpute Babanrao Bhikaji who is contesting from the BJP this year.

Karjat Jamkhed is all set to witness a high-pitched battle between NCP candidate Rohit Pawar, the third generation of Sharad Pawar, and BJP candidate Ram Shinde who is confident over re-election this year.

From the Georai constituency, the NCP fielded Vijaysingh Shivajirao Pandit, and the BSP fielded Satish Padmakar Kapse to go against the BJP’s sitting candidate Laxman Madhavrao Pawar, who defeated NCP’s Pandit Badamrao Lahurao in 2014.

Notably, the term for the Devendra Fadnavis-led Maharashtra government ends on November 9.