Live Updates

  • 6:58 PM IST
    Jalgaon City: Suresh Damu Bhole (BJP) won by 64846 votes
    Jalgaon Rural: Gulabrao Raghunath Patil (Shiv Sena) won by 46,729 seats
    Amalner: Anil Bhaidas Patil (NCP) leading by 7805 votes
    Erandol: Chimanrao Rupchand Patil (Shiv Sena) leading by 53,928 votes
    Chalisgaon: Mangesh Ramesh Chavan (BJP) leading by 58,454 votes
    Pachora: Kishor Dhansing Patil (Shiv Sena) won by 2084 seats
  • 12:53 PM IST

    Chimanrao Rupchand Patil (Shiv Sena) leading in Erandol

  • 12:53 PM IST
    Gulabrao Raghunath Patil (Shiv Sena) leading from Jalgaon Rural
  • 12:52 PM IST

    Suresh Damu Bhole (BJP) leading in Jalgaon City

  • 9:25 AM IST

    Chalisgaon counting: NCP’s Deshmukh Rajiv Anil leading

Maharashtra Assembly Election Results: Independent candidates are significant in the seats of Jalgaon City, Jalgaon Rural, Amalner, Erandol, Chalisgaon and Pachora Seats. (Full Coverage here)

BJP’s Suresh D Bhole defeated Shiv Sena’s then incumbent MLA Sureshkumar Jain in 2014 at Jalgaon City seat. BJP has once again fielded Bhole as its candidate for the 2019 Assembly constituency.

Jalgaon rural is a Shiv Sena stronghold as Patil G Raghunath of the Shiv Sena won the 2014 elections against NCP’s Deokar Gulabrao Baburao. In 2019, the contest is among Raghunath, Deshmukh Jitendra Baburao (IND), Dilip Rajaram Patil (Peasants and Workers Party of India) etc.

Independent candidate S Hiralal Chaudhary won Amalner in the 2014 election and later joined the BJP. Another Independent candidate Krushibhushan Sahebrao Patil won in the 2009 election. The BJP previously held the seat from 1995 to 2004. BJP has fielded Shirish Chaudhari from this seat.

Annasaheb Dr Satish Bhaskarrao Patil of the NCP won Erandol in the 2014 elections. Previously, the seat was held by the Shiv Sena for a decade: the party fielded Patil Chimanrao Rupchand in 2009 and Patil Gulabrao Raghunath in 2004 and 1999 in winning efforts.

Chalisgaon is BJP-turf as the party lost the seat only once, in 2009 when NCP’s Rajiv Anil Deshmukh defeated BJP’s Rathod Wadilal Parashram. BJP’s Unmesh B Patil defeated Deshmukh in 2014. This year, the BJP has fielded Mangesh Ramesh Chavhan from the seat while Deshmukh is once again NCP’s candidate for the constituency.

In Pachora, it’s going to be a redux of 2015 as Shiv Sena has again fielded incumbent MLA Kishor Appa Patil while NCP has brought 2014 runner-up Dilip Onkar Wagh into the fray.