Mumbai: The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has planned to impose a ban on all the stalls which sell deep-fried foods outside the medical institutions in Mumbai. The decision was taken to ensure that the relatives of the patients do not fall sick by consuming unhealthy food.

The ban will be implemented in areas near hospitals including Nair, KEM and Sion. Roadside food stalls which serve junk food such as vada pav and sandwich will soon be banned, stated a report. The step is taken to keep a check on the unhealthy eating habits of citizens.

As per the latest notification issued by the civic body, the sale of unhealthy food outside hospitals with over 100 beds is prohibited. The BMC will soon take steps to oust illegal vendors. Besides, action would be taken against all the legal vendors who fail to stop selling junk food.

A senior officer from the health department reportedly said that a notice has been issued in this regard and forwarded to all the hospitals. The officer added that most of the people who visit the hospitals consume street food at these stalls, which has negative consequences on their health. Since the street food is cheap, people sometimes eat too much at the risk of their own health.

A medical official was quoted by a report as saying, “Rather than going outside for food, they can have lunch and dinner at the in-house canteens. Yes, considering the heavy flow of patients, canteens can be overcrowded, but we can’t do much about that, as we often get patients from all over the country.” Medical officers also reportedly suggested that the relatives of the patients who visit the hospital should rather prefer the food served in the hospital canteens. The in-house canteens are more healthy, hygienic and pocket-friendly.