Mumbai, May 1: Shiv Sena through its mouthpiece Saamana on Monday described the current condition of Maharashtra adding that “those in ‘power’ want to split the state.” On the eve of Maharashtra day, the editorial said that Maharashtra has contributed a lot to the Indian economy but the state did not get the support of the centre that it develops.Also Read - Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai’s Cabinet to Have 26 New Ministers; Oath-taking Likely At 5 PM Today

Taking a jibe at the ally Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the editorial said that “there are many in power that have the opinion of splitting the state. Maharashtra was formed after a long struggle and the sacrifice of 105 lives.” The statement of people in ‘power’ having the opinion of a split state is speculated to attack chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, who is known to be in favour of a separate Vidarbha. Also Read - Assam-Mizoram Border Row: PM Narendra Modi to Meet Assam MPs over Border Dispute

Attempts to end Marathi control Also Read - 'Thappad se Darr Nahi Lagta', Uddhav Thackeray on BJP MLC’s Remark Against Shiv Sena Bhavan

Claiming that many in national politics are attempting to end the control of Marathi control in Mumbai, the editorial read, “Covert attempts are being made by the ‘nationalist’ parties to end the Maharashtrians controlling Mumbai. There are many in national politics who have been attempting to end the Marathi control.”

The editorial further talks about the current situation prevailing in the state. The editorial says that “While many have repeatedly sold the dream of bringing industries in the state, there has been very low investments made in Maharashtra in the past few years. The farmers and the youths are struggling to earn the basic income that they deserve.”

Remembering the 105 citizens killed during the formation of the state, the editorial criticised the younger generation for having no knowledge about the state’s formation. “The state has been formed on the sacrifice of 105 people. But the young generation has no idea about the struggle and sacrifices made for the formation of Maharashtra.”

Increase in corruption after demonetisation

Once again attacking the demonetisation drive of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the editorial reads, “While the demonetisation drive of PM Modi was meant to end corruption in the country, it seems like there has been a rise in corruption in Maharashtra post demonetisation. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis must look into the issue and take proper action.”

Sena’s claim on the rise of corruption is suspected to be based on a recent survey that showed Maharashtra to be the fourth most corrupt state in the country.