Mumbai, April 30: People living in Maharashtra state is all set to celebrate its formation day today, as 47-years the state of Maharashtra was formed on May 1, 1960. Maharashtra Day is also celebrated on the World Labour day. Every year on May 1, the Maharashtra Day is commemorated by a parade at Shivaji Park in Mumbai’s Dadar area where the Governor of Maharashtra makes a speech. Officials from Mumbai Police, State Reserve Police Force, Home Guards take part in this parade.Also Read - Maharashtra Day 2020: Know How The State Was Formed & Why It is Celebrated on May 1

Also on this day celebrations in the state include traditional Lavani performance, folk songs and narration of poetries of popular Marathi saints. May 1, is observed as a public holiday, as Government of Maharashtra issues notification in beginning of the year by declaring an off. Also Read - 'Without Labour Nothing Prospers': Twitterati Pays Heartfelt Tribute to Workers Who Toil To Build India

This holiday applies to all banks, school, colleges, offices and companies which fall under the jurisdiction of the State and Central Government. This day is also largely celebrated by government officials by organising various programmes. Also Read - Labour Day 2020: Here's Why May 1 Is Celebrated As International Workers' Day

After the struggle of Samyukta Maharashtra Movement ended started in 1956 and ended in 1960, as per the Bombay Reorganisation Act, Maharashtra and Gujarat were divided and thus Maharashtra attained its statehood.

The history of Maharashtra can be traced all the way to the 4th century, and it has been a part of almost each and every major dynasty in the Indian subcontinent, including the Mauryas, Chalukyas and Satavahanas. Maharashtra has a great history and every great dynasty and empire have left its mark in the state’s culture, architecture and language.

What is Samyukta Maharashtra Movement

Samyukta Maharashtra Movement was an organisation formed on February 6, 1956, which demanded the creation of a separate Marathi-speaking state out of the State of Bombay. One one side Samyukta Maharashtra Movement started, at the same time, Mahagujarat Movement found its way where several activists and leaders demanded the creation of a separate Gujarati-speaking State out of Bombay State.

The Samyukta Maharashtra Movement achieved its goal on May 1, 1960, when the present state of Maharashtra was created. After which the state reorganised in several areas including Northern Karnataka, and much more. In 1967, the newly liberated people of Goa rejected the referendum of a merger with Maharashtra and hence the state of Goa was formed.