New Delhi, April 12: While the debate on whether Indian Premier League matches should be shifted out of the drought-hit state of Maharashtra, rages on, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has already taken a step in the right direction. Instead of debating about the issue, Kejriwal has once again tried to lead by example, by pledging to supply 10 Lakh litres of water, everyday for two months, to the drought stricken Latur ditrict of Maharshtra. Kejriwal made the announcement on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Kejriwal expressed his concerns for the affected families. Writing in Hindi, Delhi CM hailed the Central government’s efforts towards mitigating the drought situation in the district and said, “It would be very shameful for our country if anyone died of a water crisis in the 21st century. It is the responsibility of the entire country to help the people of Latur. The central government has done a commendable job by transporting water to Latur by train.” Also Read: First train with 5 lakh litres of drinking water reaches Latur in Maharashtra

“The people of Delhi are ready to provide 10 lakh litres of water daily to Latur for the next two months. If the central government can make arrangements for transportation of the water to Latur then the Delhi government will immediately provide the water,” he added. Kejriwal also appealed to the PM to ask every state to donate water to Maharashtra. “I’m sure all states would be ready to help,” he said. Over 15,000 villages in Beed, Osamanabad and Latur districts of Maharashtra, are reeling under acute water shortage conditions.

Delhi offers 10 lakh litres of water everyday for 2 months for brothers/sisters in LaturPosted by Arvind Kejriwal on Monday, April 11, 2016