Mumbai: The Maharashtra government had issued an advisory in view of a cyclone that is likely to arise in the Arabian Sea some 300 kilometres off the country’s west coast between June 11 and June 12. Meteorological Department officials said that the cyclone may not hit the state but is likely to result in gusty winds and a turbulent sea.

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) on Monday issued an advisory of do’s and don’ts in view of the natural disaster. As per the government agency, here is how to deal with the cyclone:

Before Cyclone:

  1. Ignore rumours, stay calm, don’t panic.
  2. Keep your mobile phones charged to ensure connectivity; use SMS.
  3. Listen to radio, watch TV, read newspapers for weather updates.
  4. Keep your documents and valuables in water-proof containers.
  5. Prepare an emergency kit with essential items for safety and survival.
  6. Secure your house; carry out repairs; don’t leave sharp objects loose.
  7. Untie cattle or animals to ensure their safety.

During and After Cyclone:

If indoors, follow the instructions given below:

  1. Switch off electrical mains, gas supply.
  2. Keep doors and windows shut.
  3. If your house is unsafe, leave early before the onset of a cyclone.
  4. Listen to radio or transistor.
  5. Drink boiled or chlorinated water.
  6. Rely only on official warning.

If outdoors, follow the instructions given below:

  1. Do not enter damaged buildings.
  2. Watch out for broken electric poles and wires, and other sharp objects.
  3. Seek a safe shelter as soon as possible.

Notably, the Met Department officials said that the monsoon is expected to arrive in Konkan and Mumbai regions during this period.

The state government has also asked farmers not to rush into sowing as the onset of the south-west monsoon has been delayed. After the early showers, the soil needs time to be ready for germination, it said.

Monsoon normally arrives in Mumbai by June 7, but it takes another 15 days to completely cover the state.

(With agency inputs)