Thane: The Mumbai Police on Sunday held that no boat parties would be permitted on New Year’s Eve, Mumbai Mirror reported. Further, wine shops and hotels would be allowed to stay open till 1 and 5 AM respectively on January 1, if they apply for permission.

“Restaurants that apply with us will be allowed to be open till 5 AM, and wine shops till 1 AM,” a police official told the newspaper. He further added,” no boat parties are permitted, and Coast Guard, Indian Navy and Mumbai Police Port Zone boats will patrol the seas for any suspicious sightings.”

According to the report, around 40,000 will be patrolling the streets on New Year’s Eve and will keep a strict vigil around the city. “Policemen will be present in civilian clothes as well to keep a watch on things,” Mumbai Mirror reported Manjunath Shinge from Mumbai Police as saying. Women’s security would be one of the main concerns.

Furthermore, the Supreme Court’s order banning firecrackers would be enforced. However, if anybody found not following the order would be arrested.