Mumbai: The BJP’s disgruntled ally, Shiv Sena, has attacked the Devendra Fadnavis government again, said reports on Monday. In its mouthpiece Saamna, Sena said the state government should announce that Shivaji’s statue would be taller than that of any other leader. It said the government should show the same spirit in many that announcement as it did in deciding on reservation for Marathas. (Also read: Sena Mocks BJP’s Hunkar Rally in Ayodhya) Also Read - Poll Strategist Prashant Kishor Meets Sharad Pawar: This is What NCP, Shiv Sena Have to Say

Saamna said all political parties should speak in one voice for Shivaji’s statue. It said there was no leader who could match the stature of Chhatrapati Shivaji so Fadnavis should also spell it out that the Maratha warrior king’s statue be the tallest. Also Read - 'All Should Follow Rules': Devendra Fadnavis After Young Kin Jumps Covid Vaccine Line, Triggers Row

It must be noted that Sardar Patel’s statue in Gujarat, popularly known as the Statue of Unity, can be seen from outer space as well. The article points out that just the fact shouldn’t please Patel’s followers; they should try to match his work. Also Read - Maharashtra To Impose Complete Lockdown Amid Soaring COVID Cases, Announcement Tomorrow

The 182 mt statue is touted as the tallest in the world. Citing the allegation of Jayant Patil that to keep the Statue of Unity the tallest in the world, the Maharashtra government would ensure that Shivaji’s statue isn’t as tall, the article said Patel’s statue has been unveiled while even the foundation stone hasn’t yet been laid for Shivaji’s memorial.

The article goes on to ask if anyone even regrets how Shivaji’s memorial isn’t being built. It asks if there was a plan to dwarf Shivaji in front of Patil by stalling work on his statue and letting the Statue of Unity become the tallest in the world.

It insists that Shivaji’s statute should be taller than any other statue. It said that way back, the then government and the Opposition got together to build a memorial, Hutatma Smarak, for the martyrs of the Samyukta Maharashtra Andolan and that same kind of unity needed to be exhibited today by all political parties.

Meanwhile, the Maharasthra government has formed a committee for Shivaji memorial. While Vinayak Mete heads the committee, CM Fadnavis reportedly takes all the decisions. The Sena article said Shivaji’s memorial wasn’t the responsibility of only the BJP; it was the responsibility of the state and the Central governments.

It said leaders like Shivaji, Prithviraj Chouhan and Guru Gobind Singh stopped India from turning into Pakistan. It said Shivaji could be credited with getting prestige to Hindutva. He fought the Mughals and created an empire which was called the ‘Hindvi Swarajya’.

It said Patel’s statue being the tallest in the world could’ve been PM Modi’s wish. But Hindus look up to the founder of Hindvi Swarajya, Shivaji who lives on in the hearts of Hindus.