New Delhi: An ATM security guard in Thane was arrested after he allegedly raped a four-year-old girl at a creche, stated the Maharashtra police on Wednesday.

The incident occurred on Sunday after the girl’s mother left her daughter at a daycare facility.

The 42-year-old accused identified as Dashrath Kamble worked as a security guard at a nearby ATM. Seeing the girl, he went to her creche and asked her to accompany him on the pretext of teaching her something.

He then allegedly raped the child at a secluded spot in the premises and left, stated an official.

The child then reached home and was disturbed about the incident. Observing the unusual behavioural change, her mother questioned her and then she narrated the entire ordeal.

Subsequently, the girl’s mother lodged a police complaint and the accused was arrested on Monday, added the official. The security guard was booked for committing rape as per the provisions of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences.

(With agency inputs)