Mumbai: Three sanitation workers died after inhaling poisonous gas while cleaning a manhole in an industrial area in Maharashtra’s Thane. The deceased entered the manhole one after another, and within a few minutes, were choked to death. A fire brigade had to be rushed around 4:15 PM on Friday in the MIDC area of Dombivli.

The deceased identified as Devidas Pachge, Ghanshyam and Mahadeo Zope, were part of a team of contract workers who were engaged in cleaning drains in the area.

Meanwhile, the matter is being investigated. According to an official, a probe on possible safety regulations violations would also be launched.

In an earlier incident, three manual scavengers choked to death on toxic gases while cleaning a sewer line at BDS market in Noida. A police official said the three men got stuck in the narrow sewer line and were choked to death on toxic gases. The Noida Authority also announced a compensation of Rs 10 lakh each to the families of the deceased.

In yet another case, three sewer men choked to death in a sewerage treatment plant in Faridabad due to poisonous gases while carrying out a cleaning operation. Sewermen Rahul, Atar Singh and Santosh died yesterday carrying out cleaning at the plant. Corporator Sonal Goyal announced a compensation of Rs 10 lakh each for the kin. A job was also promised for a family member each of the three deceased.