Beed, April 19: A class 5th girl student in drought-hit area of Beed, neighbouring district of Latur in Maharashtra died due to heat stroke on Tuesday afternoon. The victim, who is reportedly 11-year-old is a resident of a Sablkhed village in Beed region, few kilometers away from Latur. According to news agency ANI the victim was dehydrated after she repeatedly made attempts to fill water from the nearest hand pump.

According to locals, the victim was on her way to fetch water from a nearest hand pump when she collapsed there and was rushed to a nearby hospital. The victim was declared dead at arrival.

Ishwar, uncle of deceased was quoted by ANI where he said, “Schools were closed so she went to fetch water in order to help us as we are facing extreme water scarcity. She fell unconscious on her way to hand pump, was taken to hospital where she was declared dead”. Read Also: (This Muslim man provides free water to 200 families daily in drought-hit Latur)

Beed, a district in Maharashtra is close to Latur which is the second worst affected district in Maharashtra by drought. The district is yet to recover from the incident that took place a month ago in Pimpalgaon village, where a 10-year-old Dalit girl fell headlong into a well while trying to get water for her family members.

Actor Aamir Khan on Saturday visited Beed, which is one of the three worst drought-affected districts in Maharashtra. Aamir there raised awareness about water conservation.

The Maharashtra government had made an attempt to supply water through trains in drought hit Latur, however the Devendra Fadnavis government  had failed to address water crisis issue in neighbouring district of Beed.