Mumbai: A man on Wednesday alleged that his wife was boycotted from taking part in cultural programmes as the couple had protested against prevailing regressive practice of virginity test in Kanjarbhat community. Also Read - Nisarga Cyclone Live Tracking: Know The Current Location of Cyclone, Get Movement Alerts

“We protested against ritual of virginity test which is still prevalent in Kanjarbhat community. Due to this, my wife was boycotted from taking part in cultural programs in by the community. This is unconstitutional,” Vivek Tamaichikar told ANI. Also Read - Cyclone Nisarga to Make Landfall Today; Maharashtra, Gujarat on High Alert | Top Developments

“I was told that I had brought a bad name to Kanjarbhat community for opposing the virginity test which is common in our community,” Aishwarya Tamaichikar said, while adding that she has filed a complaint in  Pimpri-Chinchawad against the members of the community. Also Read - Coronavirus: With 2,287 New Cases Maharashtra at 72,300; Gujarat Reaches 17,632 With 415 Fresh Cases

The Practice

This backward practice of virginity test is undergone by brides from Kanjarbhat community on their wedding night. Once the wedding ceremonies are wrapped up, the bride is taken to a lodge along with the husband. The couple has to consummate their marriage within a specified time on a white bedsheet.

Next day the groom has to show the bedsheet to the local panchayat. The groom is asked by the members of the panchayat, “Tula dilela maal kasa aahe (How were the goods you received)?” If there is blood on the sheet, it means that his wife bled during intercourse. To which groom replies, “Khara. Khara. Khara. (True. True. True.)” However, if there are no red spots on the sheet, then the groom says, “Khota. Khota. Khota. (False. False. False.)”        (Consulted FirstPost report)

In case of no bleeding during intercourse, the bride is interrogated. She is asked to reveal the name of the man. If she doesn’t she is physically tortured.

In February, the Maharashtra government assured the state Legislative Council that caste panchayats of the Kanjarbhat community would face action if they compel newly married women to undergo a `virginity test’. An action would also be taken if the panchayat members are found to be interfering in cases of rape and sexual harassment, said Ranjit Patil, Minister of State for Home.