New Delhi, Aug 5: The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church is observing a protest today, that is, August 5, against the proposal put forward by the National Commission For Women (nCW) to prohibit churches from practicing the ritual of confession.Also Read - Man Enters Classroom of EDMC Run School, Removes Clothes of Two Girls; DCW Sends Notice to Delhi Police, Civic Body

Priests of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church said they are against this recommendation as it is against the spirit of ancient Indian culture which respects different faiths with tolerance. They even requested the Centre to reject this proposal. Also Read - ‘Submit Justice Hema Committee’s Report Within 15 Days or Else’. . . NCW Warns Kerala Government

The NCW had made the suggestion following a rape case involving four priests of the Orthodox Church. The church authorities in their statement said confession was one of the sacred sacraments of the Church. It further read that the recommendation by the NCW was immature and taken without proper consultation and discussion. NCW chairperson Rekha Sharma had said that a proper investigation needs to be carried out by a central agency into the increasing incidents of rape and sexual assaults in churches of Kerala. Also Read - Delhi Spa Ad Reads 'Russian @20000!'; DCW Chief Swati Maliwal Shares Video

The commission recommended abolishing the practice of confessions in churches as it can lead to the blackmailing of women.