Kochi, July 11: Malayalam superstar Dileep, who has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping and sexually assaulting an actress, has said that he is innocent and he will prove his innocence. Dileep was arrested on Monday in the case of kidnapping an actress in February and has been sent to custody for 14 days. Dileep said, “I am innocent and I will prove my innocence”, reports NDTV. The police alleged that Dileep had some “personal enmity” with the actress. Also Read - Mystery Still Unresolved: Bean-Shaped Structure in Arabian Sea Could be a Plankton Assemblage, Suspect Experts

The actor said that he has been trapped in this case. Dileep is the third most popular superstar in the Malayalam film industry after Mamooty and Mohan Lal. He said, “I am innocent and I will prove my innocence. I was trapped”. The 48-year-old actor will be lodged at the Aluva sub-jail. It is at a distance of 25 km from Kochi. Dileep’s lawyers are expected to seek bail for him tomorrow. When he was taken to the prison, many people gathered today outside the jail and mocked Dileep. They were shouting slogans like ‘Welcome to Central Jail’. The actor’s last film was ‘Welcome to Central Jail’, released in 2016. A hotel that he owns in Kochi was attacked and ransacked by some angry people. Also Read - Mysterious Bean-Shaped Structure Spotted Along Kochi Coast on Google Earth, Experts Baffled | See Pic

The actress was allegedly abducted on February 17 this year when she was travelling by road to Kochi. She was held captive in a moving car for almost 2 hours. She was allegedly molested by four men and they also took her photos in their mobile. They then dumped her near the home of a film director, who called the police. The police arrested six people in the case, including Pulsar Suni, her driver who she sacked some time ago. Suni informed police that he was paid to attack the actress. The police sources are also investigating the allegation that Dileep offered Rs 1.5 crore for an attack on the actress in 2013 and that the actress was seen with her old driver Pulsar Suni and the main accused in the case, in a BMW on several occasions. (ALSO READ: Popular actor Dileep arrested on conspiracy charges in connection with the Malayalam actress’ abduction and molestation case) Also Read - Malayalam Actor Sharan Passes Away At 40, Mohanlal Pays Tribute

The superstar was questioned last month for at least 12 hours when he claimed that he and a director were blackmailed for Rs 1.5 crores by the kidnappers. Pulsar Suni told the reporters last week, “A big shark will fall” after his jail sentence was extended for the second time. Police also raided Dileep’s wife’s boutique ‘Lakshya’ to find any crucial evidence, based on Suni’s confession.

The actress said that she will take legal action against an actor who falsely told that she was friends with her former driver – Pulsar Suni. She said in a statement, “It’s been brought to my knowledge that an actor has said that the accused in this case – Pulsar Suni and I were friends and that one should be careful while befriending people. This has pained me. If such baseless allegations are made against me, I am even willing to take legal action, if required”.