New Delhi: The actor-turned-politician Shatrughan Sinha on Sunday extended his support to Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee on Twitter calling her the “great tigress” of Bengal.  Notably, Mamata has been receiving immense criticism by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over her reaction to slogans of “Jai Shri Ram”. The Chief Minister, however, had defended her point saying that her issue is not with the slogan but the way the slogan is used to cause turmoil in the state.

Now, Sinha, a former BJP leader who defected to the Congress days before the Lok Sabha Elections 2019, lashed out at her criticisers on Twitter. “Enough is enough, now no more this unnecessary provoking the great tigress and most popular leader of the masses Mamata Banerjee from the great land of Bengal. This kind of drama and the postcard war must stop,” Sinha tweeted.

“Politicizing in the name of religion is not advisable nor acceptable, as people want growth, development & progress,” he said and added, “We all are bhakts of Lord Ram, Lord Krishna & also Maa Durga & Maa Kali. Why make a difficult situation even worse, else be prepared to receive a befitting reply from the people in general & masses of Bengal in particular.”

The Trinamool Congress leader had also clarified the same in a Facebook post saying, “I have no problem with political parties using any particular slogan in their rallies. Every political party has its own slogan. My party has Jai Hind and Vande Mataram, the Left has Inquilab Zindabad, but we respect each other.”

She added that her problem with the slogan is the way it is used to deliberately sell “hatred ideology” and use religion to create political violence. The West Bengal chief was called out for lashing at BJP supporters on two occasions in May where she reportedly called them “criminals” and “outsiders”.

The TMC made a marginal victory in this year’s Lok Sabha Elections 2019 by gaining 22 out of the state’s 42 seats while the BJP marked its presence with 18 seats across West Bengal. This was a huge leap for the saffron party that managed only 2 seats in the 2014 elections.