Panagarh (WB), Jan 28: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today dismissed suggestions from opposition parties, including the BJP, that Trinamool Congress was losing ground, saying the base of her party in the state was very strong. “If the soil is strong even the tiger’s nail can break and if the soil is soft even a tadpole manages to scratch,” Mamata quoted the proverb to illustrate her contention while speaking at a programme here. Banerjee hit out at some media houses which she said were criticising her government as they wanted to please Delhi.

Urging people to “reject such adulterated news shops”, Banerjee said, “A few dalals are only indulging in criticism.” Addressing a programme at “Mati Utsav” in Burdwan district, she said, “Our courtesy is not our weakness. People who insult the soil of Bengal will not get our respect. We believe in courtesy. Our motto is for Change not Revenge.” A section of the media she said, was constantly spreading canards to show her government in bad light. “Just like you should never eat adulterated food, you should also avoid adulterated news,” she said.

“We work for the people. They have voted me to power. I am accountable to the people,” she added. Referring to her government’s efforts to bring investment in the state, she said, “We have received investment proposals worth Rs 2.4 lakh crore at the Business Summit recently held in Kolkata. One crore jobs will be generated.” Further announcement of investments at the Industrial Trade Fair 2015 at Asansol would be made tomorrow, Banerjee said.

“We will provide skill development training to 10 lakh youths and within two or three years we will provide loans to 10 lakh youths after they completed their skill development training.” The chief minister reiterated that her government would not forcibly acquire land for industries. “We are against forcible acquisition,” she said while assuring the business community of government cooperation in an effort to put the state on the growth track.