New Delhi: In what stands out as an innovative item to be smuggled, 81 bottles of banned cough syrup, Phensedyl, were found during the customs check at the Delhi airport. A Saudi Arabia-bound Indian has been arrested for the attempt to smuggle those bottles. The passenger, according to reports, was scheduled to fly to Saudi capital via Jeddah last Thursday. He was intercepted at the international terminal and was handed over to the customs.

As many as 81 bottles of “Phensedyl New”, 80 bottles of 100 ml each and one broken bottle wrapped with a brown tape having 122 gm cough linctus containing “codeine phosphate”, were recovered from 10 packets concealed in the false bottom of two bags, reports said.

The banned cough syrup bottles have been seized and the person arrested under relevant provisions of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, reports said.

The cough syrup is used for cough, common cold, itchy throat and skin, etc. It contains codeine phosphate, which is a narcotic drug and causes addiction when used in large quantities over a period of time.

Phensedyl contains codeine phosphate along with hydrochloride ephedrine and promethazine, a unique combination for addiction. This is what made it a popular drug of abuse where liquor is banned, like Saudi Arabia.