Mumbai, June 21: A man was arrested on Wednesday after he allegedly groped a woman on a Mumbai-bound flight from Delhi. According to reports, the man harassed the woman continuously and did not stop even after the woman complained about him to the air hostess. The man was apprehended when the flight landed at the CST Terminal initially by the CISF and then was handed over to Sahar police.

The man, identified as Mohit Kanwar, a Gurgaon resident was arrested for harassing the woman, even after he was asked by the air stewardess to seat properly, and the woman changed her seat the man instead of stopping his advances allegedly asked her is she did not like to be touched by him.

According to the Sahar police, the woman is a lawyer and was on her way back to Mumbai from Delhi on a Monday morning flight. The woman said that around 8.30am, mid-flight, the accused touched her with his left hand and left leg.

She has alleged in the complaint that when she told him to sit properly, he kept his eyes closed. She pulled down the arm rest to distance herself from him. After she distanced himself, Kanvar then folded his right arm towards her and groped her again. This time, she alerted the air hostess, who advised the man to sit properly. He abused her for the rebuke. The lady then informed the pilot about his heinous incident and changed her seat. But this shameless accused had the audacity to ask her, “You do not like to be touched?”

The pilot alerted the Sahar police and the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) about the incident when the plane landed at the CST International Airport.

The CISF handed him over to the Sahar police. The accused has been arrested and the probe is on under section 354 (molestation) of the Indian Penal Code.