Kochi: Yet another case has come to light where a smuggling attempt has went beyond bizarre. On Friday, a Malappuram youth was caught red-handed by Customs Air Intelligence Unit at Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) while attempting to smuggle gold which was hidden under a wig.

The accused has been identified as Noushad, who landed at the Cochin airport in a morning flight from Sharjah in the UAE. Noushad pulled off this antic by shaving off a portion of his hair to make space for the gold. He then placed a pouch full of gold weighing 1.13 kilogram in compound form on top of his head and placed a wig over it.

However, his plan failed as the Cochin Unit of Customs got a tip-off beforehand and upon verification, the pouch of gold was discovered. The person is suspected to be a carrier operating for a major gold smuggling racket. A detailed probe into the incident has now been launched by the police.

Seems like, Noushad got this idea from a Colombian man because this case is strikingly similar to that of his. In July, this year he was detained at Barcelona’s international airport after he made an attempt to smuggle cocaine into the country under his toupee, as per a News 18 report.The police said that the man hid cocaine worth $34,000 beneath his wig.

In a similar incident in September, a man was arrested at the Delhi airport upon his arrival from the UAE for allegedly smuggling gold bars worth over Rs 31 lakh that were concealed in his rectum, PTI reported.

Many cases have emerged lately where people have gone to ridiculous lengths to evade authorities by hiding things in their body parts.