New Delhi, May 23: A man has filed a Right to Information (RTI) plea seeking to find his own blood group, say reports. The plea filed by one Rahul Chitra to the Medical Council of India (MCI) claims that he was handed out different reports regarding his blood group after tests at different labs, says a report in The Times of India. Also Read - Chhota Rajan Still Alive, Tweets ANI Quoting AIIMS

While some tests said his Rh Factor was negative, others revealed it was positive; Chitra included all the test reports also. Rh Factor is a critical component of one’s blood group and cannot be ignored. Chitra claimed he took the test at four different pathological laboratories in Agra as well as at the district hospital. Also Read - Impose Total Lockdown in India to Break Chain of Virus: COVID Task Force Members Urge Centre

However, the MCI rejected his plea so Chitra then approached the Central Information Commission (CIC). He pleaded that his blood test at Pant Hospital in Delhi showed he was B+. He asked, “If I need blood transfusion in an emergency, which blood would be given to me?” Information Commissioner Yashovardan Azad said the matter was serious as “it pertains to Chitra’s life”. “There is no clarity on Rahul Chitra’s blood group. It’s a serious question as to which blood group should be given to him in case of an emergency. It becomes even more important as the information sought is linked to his Right to Life,” Azad said, quotes the report. Also Read - Complete Lockdown in India Crucial to Beat New COVID Surge, Suggests AIIMS Chief Randeep Guleria

Azad also rejected the MCI’s contention that the question did not come under the definition of “information” which could be sought under the RTI Act. “The commission has concluded that AIIMS can do proper inquiry and inform the applicant,” Azad said.