New Delhi: The 20-year-old accused, arrested for raping and brutally killing a three-year-old in Haryana’s Gurugram last week, had earlier raped and killed eight other minor girls, according to a Times of India report.Also Read - Accused of Rape, Goa Swimming Coach Surajit Ganguly Arrested in Delhi

Sunil, a construction labourer who hails from Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura district, confessed after a day of interrogation that he kidnapped the children, mostly who lived in slums, lured them with chocolate and then rape and torture them to death. Also Read - Australia-Born Cricketer Alex Hepburn Found Guilty of Rape, Jailed For 5 Years

The report cited police saying that the accused – an alcohol addict – would break one of the legs of the victim as doing so aroused him. He would later rape them before killing them brutally. Also Read - SC Stays Death Sentence to MP Man in Rape-Murder of 4-Year-Old;12 Capital Punishments Given in State in 7 Months

The three-year-old he raped and murdered in Gurugram on November 12 was found with her skull smashed, possibly with a brick, and a wooden stick inserted in her private parts.

The paedophile-serial killer told police that he raped and murdered at least nine girls in Delhi, Gurugram, Gwalior and Jhansi.

The first of his victims was a four-year-old child kidnapped by him from a temple in Gurugram in 2016. Her body was found in the behind Omaxe Mall on Shna Road on November 27 that year.

He struck against in January 2017 on a five-year-old girl in Gurugram who rotten body was found 20 days later.

Sunil could not be caught by the police as he did not use a mobile phone, ate at bhandaras and slept anywhere he could.

“He told us all he wanted was tasty food at bhandaras and young girls to satisfy his lust,” Times of India quoted a police officer as saying. He also told police that he had “a liking for pre-adolescent girls”.

The police discovered about Sunil through the footage from the CCTV camera installed at the Emaar MGF housing society which is near the shanties, build for construction labourers. He could be seen walking with the girl on the afternoon of November 11 in the CCTV footage.