New Delhi, August 2: A man, identified as Deepak Sharma, posted a video of him on Facebook and YouTube, thrashing a man who allegedly made memes. Deepak Sharma claimed that the man he beat up had made memes ‘against his religion’ and that he needed to be “taught a lesson”. He also said that the video was a ‘warning’ for others to not make memes against someone’s religion.

Deepak Sharma, who claims to be from Jaipur, was seen in the video not just thrashing the man, but also abusing him for allegedly making memes. He later clarified saying that the video was filmed to “show what could happen if one hurts religious sentiments of people.” Reports say that the matter has been taken up by the Jaipur Police who have assured strict action.

However, Sharma says he should not be arrested for the video. “The film stars are not arrested for spreading such messages. I have put the heading of the video as ‘A Film’, so I don’t think the police will have any kind of discomfort with that. A sane person will understand what I have been trying to show in that video,” he said.


“My name is Deepak Sharma and I am from Rashtriya Swabhiman Dal. In the video, I had already mentioned the heading as “A Film”. I do not have to explain here what a film means. If you watch that video clearly, then you will come to know that it was filmed to show that if you post such demeaning things on the internet, then it hurts the sentiments of the society and in turn, you will have to face the consequences. I haven’t mentioned his name, then how can people jump onto the conclusion that he is a Muslim,” Sharma said.

The video has been taken off by YouTube saying, “It violates YouTube’s policy on harassment and bullying.”