New Delhi: It was thought to be a case of dowry murder but 21-year-old Sahil Chopra who took her wife Nancy Sharma on a long drive only to shoot her in Panipat said that he was fed up with petty fights. Sahil and his employee Shubham were arrested from Delhi. Subham’s cousin, Badal, who was also a conduit in the murder was arrested from his native village in Karnal. On Tuesday, Nancy’s father reported to the police and said that his daughter’s phone was switched off since November 11.

The duo got married in March this year but was always squabbling. Sahil was even suspecting that Nancy might have been indulging in extra-marital affairs as she was into late-night partying. The duo thought of getting a divorce but it was not possible before the completion of one year of their marriage. It was then that Sahil hatched the plot after he got hold of a pistol.

Sahil took Nancy on a long drive and when the car reached Panipat, Nancy asked him to pull over as she needed to relieve herself. The car stopped in front of a public toilet in a desolate place. When Nancy was walking towards the restroom, she was shot from behind. The men then dumped the body in the bushes and returned home.

When Nancy’s father filed a complaint, police treated it as a missing complaint as Sahil reportedly floated the theory that Nancy might have eloped. The police tracked Sahil and Nancy’s phone records, locations and during examination Sahil finally confessed to have killed Nancy.