Bhopal, July 2: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Monday said that the Mandsaur Gangrape accused should be hanged. The Chief Minister told news agency ANI, “Disrespect of women will not be tolerated. We have CCTV footage of the accused and other evidence, we want to see them hanged till death.”

Taking note of the depravity in the matter, Shivraj Chouhan earlier condemned the incident and said, “The rape case that happened in Mandsaur has shocked everyone. We all want that people who did such heinous crime should be hanged to death. Human rights are for humans, not for the devils. This case should be resolved through fast track.”

On June 28, the minor victim was lured and gang-raped by the accused while she was waiting for her father after school. After gangraping the victim, the accused slit the child’s throat leaving her critically injured. Although the victim’s condition is said to be improving, doctors said that the victim was suffering from mental trauma. Shivraj Singh Chouhan spoke about the improvement in the victim’s condition and said, “We will not just provide the best treatment to her but also take care of her education and future needs. She is the daughter of the entire state. She is my daughter. Our blessings will always remain with her.”

The police have arrested two accused, 20-year-old Irfan Khan and 24-year-old Asif, in connection with the Mandsaur gang-rape case. The police have also found the victim’s clothes with blood stains and semen from accused Irfan and Asif’s house.