New Delhi, March 9: As the elections in Manipur came to an end, the voters are now eager to find out which party actually  forms the Government in the state. But there is a short window between the day the polling ended, that is on March 8 and the day the results will be declared that is March 11. In this period of time, people will require something or other to if not get the results but see which way the votes have swayed to. In that attempt, the News media conducts Exit polls which with effective research and other methods, predict the outcome of the assembly polls and News 24-Today’s Chanakya is one of the best predictor. The Manipur Exit poll results by Chanakya will be telecast after 5.30 PM on Thursday. Stay with us to receive Live updates of the Chanakya Exit poll results. Also Read - Sourav Ganguly to Join Politics in Future? BCCI President Answers

Manipur Assembly Election Exit Poll Results 2017 LIVE Streaming at ABP: Watch Live Online Streaming and Telecast Also Read - Uttarakhand CM Cancels Programmes, Rushes to Delhi Amid Rumours of Leadership Change

The Manipur assembly elections were held in 2-phases, the first phase being conducted in March 4 and the second on March 8. The polling for the 60 constituent assembly saw a tough battle during the campaigning session, where big-shots like PM Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi also arrived to campaign for his party, Congress. However, the focus is on the battle between the BJP and the Congress, along with Irom Shamila’s People’s Resurgence and Justice Alliance (PRJA). Also Read - Suvendu Adhikari to File Nomination Papers From Nandigram Assembly Seat on March 12, Will Face Mamata Banerjee

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Congress has been under fire from all factions and the BJP and the PRJA has not kept their issue with the Congress a secret. The Congress has been accused of corruption during the 15 years of rule. The BJP has also alleged that ‘extra-judicial’ killings are prevalent in the state under the Okram Singh government. However, besides all these, there is one issue which has taken center stage in the past few months. That is the economic blockade which has paralysed the state since Nov 1.

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The UNC has imposed an economic blockade protesting against the creation of seven new districts, a decision which the UNC says was taken without considering the views of any body from the UNC. Hence they have demanded rolling back of the seven districts decision and said until then they will protest.

The Results of the Chanakya Exit poll for Manipur will telecast after 5.30 PM. Stay connected with us.

The Manipur Assembly election results will be declared on March 11.

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