New Delhi, April 24: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation in the 19th edition of the popular radio show Mann Ki Baat, which aired on All India Radio. During the speech, the PM raised a couple of very pertinent issues for India, ranging from clean up of industrial waste to conservation of water, strengthening of democracy on grassroots level and strengthening quality education in India. Also Read - To Protest Petrol Price Hike, Mamata Banerjee Takes Electric Scooter To Office | VIDEO

Have a look at all the key points raised by the PM during the show: Also Read - Breaking News Feb 25 Live News And Updates: India Desires Normal Relations With Pakistan, Says MEA

1. Save Water- The PM began the speech by addressing and issue which quite literally the burning currently issue in India- water shortage. He implored people to save water on an individual level. Referring to a village in Ahmednagar where the people living there decided to change the entire cropping pattern to conserve water for the summer, he said that we must try to conserve every drop of the life giving liquid. “Drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation are highly effective.They not only help conserve water, but also save a lot of labour”, PM said. Also Read - PM Modi Biggest 'Dangaabaaz' of India, Worse Fate Than Trump Awaits Him, Says Mamata Banerjee

2. Ganga Action Plan- The PM also stressed on the need to control pollution by industrial waste. He said that the government was taking steps to clean the Ganga and implored people to become “change agents for the cleaning of the Ganga”. “The Ganga is an essential water resource. We have to become a changing agent to conserve water and promote cleanliness drive there”, he said. Also Read: India, Germany sign agreement on Namami Gange

3. Panchayati Raj Divas- The PM said that April 24 is celebrated as the Panchayati Raj Divas to celebrate decentralisation of power which he said was the “strongest link to democracy”. He said that the importance of the system is in that “it has helped reach democratic values in villages”. He said that it helped villages govern themselves in a better way and also better implementation of welfare schemes.

4. Quality Education: The PM indicated that the government will now move from getting better enrollment figures to providing quality education to kids across the country. He also invited parents to take an active part in their kids education and be vigilant about the kind of activities that they are engaged in, in schools. He stressed on the need for focus on more “outcome” and said that the current government had facilitated quality education through its budget.

5. Gas Subsidies: The PM said that he was happy to announce that people had come forward in large numbers, to give up their gas subsidies, for the benefit of the poor. “I am proud to announce that 1 crore families have given up their gas subsidies. And these families are not rich- middle income families have also given it up. They have themselves gone to the distributor and given up subsidies. I want to salute those 1 crore families and express my gratitude towards them. They have forced the politicians to change their mentality”, he said.

6. Promote Tourism: The PM encouraged people to take pictures of the ongoing Kumbha Mela, in order to promote tourism and also send a message of cleanliness. “I want Centre and State Govt to initiate a photo competition of ‘Kumbh Mela’, which is our speciality… MP CM Shivraj Chouhan was also telling me about how they are focussing on cleanliness during this year’s Simhasth Kumbh”, Modi said.