New Delhi, May 27: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday addressed the nation through his monthly radio broadcast programme, ‘Mann Ki Baat’. Discussing a range of issues, PM Modi wished the nation on the onset of auspicious month of Ramzan. Recalling his previous address, the PM said the summer holidays are the best to learn new skills and explore places. Greeting nation on the birth anniversary of freedom fighter Veer Savarkar, Modi emphasised that every citizen of the country should visit the cellular jail to get a sense of hardships of freedom fighters.

During his address, PM Modi also urged people to celebrate World Yoga Day on June 21 with great zeal. He also thanked the people of Mumbai for setting an example by removing tonnes of garbage from the Versova beach. Modi also urged people to plant more trees on World Environment Day on June 5.

Here are the highlights of his address

  1. Prime Minister Narendra greeted the country by wishing all citizen on the beginning of the auspicious month of Ramzan. He added the festival is a mark of unity.
  2. Remembering Veer Savarkar on his birth anniversary, PM Modi said the people of the country should visit the cellular jail at Port Blair. The visit will expose them to the miseries unleashed on the freedom fighters by the British Administration.
  3. On June 5, World Environment Day will be observed across the globe and the United Nations has proposed ‘Connecting through Nature’ as the theme this year. Modi said people should encourage the plantation of trees on the advent of rains.
  4. The World will be celebrating World Yoga Day on June 21. Yoga bound the world in unison in midst of crisis of fundamentalism. Reflecting on a suggestion of the listener, Modi said three generations of the family should do Yoga on June 21 and I invite all people to upload their pictures on Namo App. He said, “I will be tweeting daily till June 21 to promote Yoga. I urge you to promote it on large scale.”
  5. Modi added the nation is following his instructions on sanitation. Apart from government machinery, the people took special care of cleanliness on his visit to every part of the country.
  6. Reflecting the importance of waste management, Modi said garbage is wealth. People have started a mission for waste management. On 5 January, Liquid waste and solid waste should be put in dustbins in 4000 cities across the nation when the centre and state governments will be celebrating Environment Day simultaneously. He said “I hope we develop a culture of sanitation.”
  7. PM cited the example of cleaning of Versova beach initiated by Afroz Shah. United Nations awarded Shah for his initiative for a cleaner environment.
  8. On the completion of three years of his government, Modi said he welcome the criticism of the government. He said constructive criticism strengthens the democracy. I appreciate the people who gave their important inputs on three years of NDA government.
  9. ‘Mann Ki Baat’ made a member of every family. Akbar, an artist based in Abu Dhabi is making the paintings of the topics discussed in every episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ and I am grateful for his contribution.
  10. He wished the season of rain bring joy and prosperity to the people of India as he concluded his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ address.

This was PM Narendra Modi’s first ‘Mann Ki Baat’ address after the completion of three years of his government on May 26.