New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday addressed the nation through his monthly radio programme ‘Mann ki Baat’. This was his fourth radio broadcast since the BJP-led government retained power for second consecutive time in May. Also Read - Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi to Launch 'Fit India Movement' on August 29; Urges For Plastic Ban | Updates

This episode comes a day after PM Modi returned from his a week-long US trip. Over 50,000 people were seen outside the Palam Airport for PM Modi’s grand welcome. He was received by BJP National President JP Nadda and a host of other dignitaries. Also Read - Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi Announces Chandrayaan-2 Quiz Competition For School Children

In the third edition of Mann Ki Baat, PM Modi had urged people to launch “a new revolution” to banish single-use plastic so that environment is protected. “This year, when we celebrate Bapu’s 150th birth anniversary, we shall not only dedicate to him an India that is Open Defecation Free, but shall also lay the foundation of a new revolution against plastic, by people themselves, throughout the country,” he had said. Also Read - Mann Ki Baat: “India Will Not Bow When it Comes to National Security,” Thundered PM Narendra Modi

The Prime Minister had also asked countrymen to be focused towards fitness and take part in ‘Fit India Movement’.

Mann Ki Baat airs every last Sunday of the month and is also live-streamed on YouTube channels of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B Ministry). Viewers can watch the live broadcast on the following links:

Live Updates

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    Mann Ki Baat LIVE: PM Modi concludes his address.

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    Mann Ki Baat LIVE: While concluding his address, PM Modi appealed countrymen to celebrate Diwali keeping the environment in mind. “Please see to it that during the celebration of Diwali, firecrackers do not lead to incidents of fire or loss of a life. Whatever precautions or preventive care is to be taken, should be taken during Diwali”, PM Modi said.

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    Mann Ki Baat LIVE: PM also spoke to Ripu Daman, India’s first Plogger and asked him to explain the concept of Plogging. “When I 1st encountered the term plogging, it was novel even to me. Perhaps this word is in usage in certain measure in foreign lands. But, in India, Ripudaman has promoted it to great extent”, Modi said.

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    Mann Ki Baat LIVE: The Prime Minister also paid tributes to sister Mariam Thresia for her contribution to the betterment of the society. He said,”It is a matter of pride for every Indian that, on the coming 13th October, His Holiness Pope Francis will declare Sister Mariam Thresia a saint.I pay heart felt tributes to her and congratulate the citizens of India, and especially our Christian brothers and sisters, for this achievement.

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    Mann Ki Baat LIVE: The Prime Minister urged people to quit the addiction to tobacco and do not harbour any misconceptions about e-cigarettes. “Come, let us all build a healthy India”, said PM.
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    Mann Ki Baat LIVE: Speaking about his government’s decision to ban e-cigarettes, PM Modi said,”We all know that addiction to tobacco is very harmful for health and it becomes very difficult to quit this addiction. People who consume tobacco are vulnerable to high risk diseases like cancer, diabetes, blood pressure etc. Everyone knows that. Tobacco intoxication occurs due to the nicotine present in it. Brain development is hampered by its consumption during adolescence. But, today, I want to have a discourse with you on a new topic.There is little awareness among people about e-cigarette. They are completely unaware of its danger and for this reason sometimes e-cigarettes sneak into the house out of sheer curiosity.”
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    Mann Ki Baat LIVE: PM Modi urged people to celebrate the skills and strengths of ‘Nari Shakti’. “Laxmi, the goddess of wealth, makes an entry into each and every household in the form of fortune and prosperity. There must be numerous daughters amongst us who, through there perseverance, diligence and talent have brought glory to their families, society and the country. This Diwali, can we arrange programmes to honor the Laxmi of India? We could do something more; we could highlight the achievements of these daughters by sharing their achievements on social media, using the hashtag bharatkilaxmi. The way we jointly ran a mega campaign “selfiwithdaughter”, which spread globally”, PM said.
    He added,”This time, let us do a campaign ‘Bharat Ki Laxmi’. Encouraging the Laxmi (daughters) of Bharat amounts to strengthening the paths of prosperity for the country and her citizens. “
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    Mann Ki Baat LIVE: PM Modi urged countrymen to help poor celebrate festivals. “On the one hand, when we experience the ‘Delivery In’ of sweetmeats, apparel, gifts and so on, let us think for a moment on the process of ‘Delivery Out’. At least in our homes, items that are in excess and thus, not required anymore, could be allocated for ‘Delivery Out’”, said PM