Mann Ki Baat LIVE: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation through his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ radio programme shortly. This will be the third ‘Mann Ki Baat’ episode amid the ongoing nationwide COVID-19 lockdown.Also Read - UK to Lift Additional COVID Restrictions From Next Week, Says Boris Johnson

Today’s episode comes a day after the government announced extension of nationwide lockdown till June 30, albeit only in containment zones. Also Read - Lata Mangeshkar in Intensive Care; Doctor Says 'Pray For Her Recovery'

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The Union Home Ministry yesterday announced the new guidelines, wherein it said that a complete lockdown would continue till June 30 in areas identified as COVID-19 containment zones across the country, but restrictions would be lifted in a phased manner at other places after the ongoing fourth phase of the lockdown ends this Sunday.

States and union territories will be allowed to impose additional curbs as per the ground situation about the pandemic, which has had a huge economic cost as well mainly due to the lockdown bringing most business activities to a standstill.

People can tune in to All India Radio, DD National, DD News, and DD Bharti to hear PM Modi live.Through this programme, PM Modi shares his thoughts on various important issues with people in India and abroad.

Live Updates

  • 11:36 AM IST
    Mann Ki Baat LIVE: On one side where Eastern India is facing cyclonic calamity; on other many parts of country have been affected by locust attacks. These attacks again remind us of the great damage, said PM
  • 11:29 AM IST

    Mann ki Baat LIVE: “Friends, in our country, for decades, crores of impoverished citizens have been living their lives engulfed by the constant concern- what will happen if they fall ill? If the poor had to pay for the treatment post hospitalization, had they not received free treatment, according to a rough estimate, more than rupees 14 thousand crores would have been required to be paid out of their own pockets. An underprivileged person from Bihar will get the same medical facility in Karnataka, which he would have got in his home state. Similarly, if a deprived person from Maharashtra is in need of medical treatment then he would get the same treatment facility in Tamil Nadu. An important feature with the ‘ayushmanbharat’ scheme is its portability facility. This portability of the scheme has also helped to paint the country in the color of unity”, said PM

  • 11:25 AM IST

    Mann Ki Baat LIVE: The Prime Minister further claimed that over 1 crore people benefited from Ayushman Bharat scheme. He said,”More than 1 crore patients implies that more than one crore families of our country have been served. Do you know what more than 1 crore patients means? It means cumulative population of two Norways & two Singapores have been provided free treatment in such a short time. Realising this distress, the ‘Ayushman Bharat’ scheme was launched about one and a half years ago to ameliorate this constant worry. A few days ago, the number of beneficiaries of ‘Ayushman Bharat’ scheme crossed over one crore.”

  • 11:22 AM IST

    Mann Ki Baat LIVE: PM Modi also talked about International Yoga Day. He said,”People everywhere want to know more about ‘Yoga’ and along with it ‘Ayurveda’ and adopt it as a way of life. Many people, who have never practiced yoga, have either joined online yoga classes or are also learning yoga through online videos. In yoga, there are many types of Pranayama that strengthen the respiratory system; the beneficial effects of which we have been witnessing for long. These are time tested techniques, which have their own distinct significance. Friends, during the present Corona pandemic, Yoga becomes all the more important, because this virus affects our respiratory system maximally.”

  • 11:20 AM IST

    Mann Ki Baat LIVE: The road ahead is a long one.We are fighting a pandemic about which little was previously known, said PM

  • 11:18 AM IST

    Mann Ki Baat LIVE: Considering the migrant labourers, the need of the hour is devising a new solution – paradigm. We are ceaselessly taking steps in that direction. Establishment of a migration commission is being deliberated upon, said PM

  • 11:15 AM IST
    Mann Ki Baat LIVE: Lauding Railways officials, PM said,”Our railway personnel are at it day and night. From the centre, states, to local governance bodies, everybody is toiling around the clock. The way our railway men are relentlessly engaged, they too are front line Corona Warriors.
    He added,”Safely transporting lakhs of labourers in trains and buses, caring for their food, arranging for their quarantine in every district, testing, check up and treatment is an ongoing process on a very large scale.”
  • 11:13 AM IST

    Mann Ki Baat LIVE: Path of our fight against Corona goes a long way. It is a calamity, a scourge that does not have an antidote in the entire world; there is no prior experience on that. Amid this scenario, we are facing newer challenges and consequent hardships. This is the situation of every Corona affected country in the world- India is no exception, said PM

  • 11:12 AM IST

    Mann Ki Baat LIVE: Poor, migrants have suffered the most due to COVID-19. Their sufferings can’t be expressed in words, said PM.

  • 11:08 AM IST

    Mann Ki Baat LIVE: The challenges facing the country too are of a different kind, yet Corona did not spread as fast as it did in other countries of the world, said PM Modi