New Delhi, Feb 3: Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari on Saturday met the parents of Ankit Saxena who was brutally stapped to death allegedly by his girlfriend’s father in front of his parents. Tiwari demanded Rs 1 crore as compensation from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government for the deceased’s family. In a case of honour killing owing to an inter-faith relationship, Ankit was killed in Khyla on February 1.Also Read - UP Family Pays Rs 1.5 Lakhs to Burn Daughter Alive Over an Inter-faith Love Affair

“He didn’t go to any girl’s house. Communal angle shouldn’t be given to organised crime. His family has lost their only earning member & so I want a compensation of Rs 1 cr for them,” Tiwari said. Also Read - UP Woman Burnt Alive by Contract Killer Hired by Her Family Over Inter-faith Love Affair

On Thursday 1, 23-year-old Ankit Saxena was stabbed to death allegedly by family members of his girlfriend in west Delhi. The incident happened when Saxena was on his way to meet his girlfriend. It was then he was stopped and soon a verbal spat followed. The victim was then punched and stabbed by the girl’s father. Also Read - UAE Relaxes Islamic Personal Laws, Allows Unmarried Couples to Live Together

“There were dozens of people watching my son get beaten up, but none of them dared to save him. My son was a body builder himself, but he was helpless when the killers caught and killed him. The sight of the woman’s father wielding a big kukri knife must have scared others,” he mother said, DNA reported.

“My husband and I kept begging people to arrange a vehicle to rush my son to a hospital, but no one helped. E-rickshaw and auto drivers would stop, take a look and leave,” she added.

The girl has been provided security as she fears that she would also be killed. “I was waiting for him at the Tagore Garden Metro station. Someone informed me that he had been stabbed. My father and uncle have done all this,” Saxena’s girlfriend informed.