New Delhi: The 18-storey Jain Coral Cove, third apartment complex in Maradu was turned into a cloud of dust within seconds as the final round of controlled demolition of four unauthorised flat complexes began this morning. The second round of implosion is scheduled at 2 PM, when the Golden Kayaloram flats comprising around 66 flats, will be brought down. Also Read - Maradu Demolition: Watch How Luxurious H20 Holy Faith And Alfa Sarene Apartments Come Crashing Down in Seconds

News agency ANI has shared a video which showed the dramatic demolition of Jain Coral Cove – the illegal lakeside apartment in Maradu. Also Read - Kochi Flat Row: Residents go on Hunger Strike, Relent After Government's Assurance

Watch it here: 

According to preliminary information, everything went according to plan and no major damages were reported, even as authorities were doing rounds of the neighbourhood to check if any unexpected damages took place. Fire tenders immediately reached the site and sprayed water to reduce the spreading of dust particles.

Earlier in the day, ahead of the blast, all the residents in the vicinity of 200 metres from the neighbourhood were evacuated by the police. At 10.30 AM, the first siren came signalling that the 18 floor Jain Coral Cove comprising 125 apartments is all set for being blown away.

One of the largest demolition drives in India

The demolition of more than 150 flats in four buildings–  H2O Holy Faith complex (90 flats), Alfa Seren complex (73 flats) , Golden Kayaloram (65 flats ) and Jain Coral Cove (125 flats) started yesterday, nearly four months after teh Supreme Court directed demolition of the apartment complexes within 138 days, a time line given by the Kerala government.

On May 8 last year, the apex court had directed that these buildings be removed within a month as they were constructed in a notified CRZ, which was part of the tidally- influenced water body in Kerala.