Bareilly: Daughter of an Uttar Pradesh BJP lawmaker posted a video on social media alleging that her life was in danger from her father after she married a Dalit man. In the video, she also asked the UP police for security, reports said. Also Read - Secularism Biggest Threat to India’s Tradition Getting Recognition on Global Stage: Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath

Sakshi Misra, 23, is the daughter of Rajesh Misra, the MLA from Bithari Chainpur in Bareilly district. She uploaded a video on social media on Wednesday. Also Read - UP Shocker: 13-year-old Boy Sexually Assaulted by 2 Minors in Aligarh, Given Rs 20 to Stay Mum

A day later the video surfaced on the social media, Rajesh Mishra today issued a statement saying that no threats from his family were sent to his daughter. “My daughter is an adult and has a right to take a decision. She has not been threatened by any member of the family or any person associated with me,” ANI reported the BJP MLA as saying. Also Read - UP Gram Panchayat Election 2021: Last Few Days Left to Raise Objection, Final Reservation List of Seats to be Released on THIS Date

Meanwhile, in the video, the woman uses nicknames of her father and brother, “Pappu Bhartaul” and “Vicky Bhartaul”, to refer to them.

“Honourable MLA Pappu Bhartaul ji and Vicky Bhartaul ji, please live and let us live in peace… I am married, and hence, wearing sindoor and not just for the sake of fashion,” she says in the video.

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She appeals her father to stop sending goons after her, saying that she was tired of hiding around.

“Through this video, I want to say that if in future anything happens to me, Abhi or his family, my father, Vicky Bhartaul and Rajiv Rana will be responsible for it… Those who are helping my father, stop helping him because our lives are in danger,” she adds.

In another video posted by her, she requests the police to protect her from father, brother and an associate who, she alleged, are trying to get her killed.

Deputy Inspector General RK Pandey told PTI that he is looking into the matter and has asked cops to provide the couple with security. The official also said that the daughter’s whereabouts were not known.

SSP Bareilly told ANI, “We’ve have seen the video posted by the couple on social media. If they write to us asking for security, then we will certainly provide it to them.”