Lucknow, Apr 14: Anand Kumar, brother of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati has now been appointed as the vice president of the party.However, while appointing her brother as the number 2 in the party, Mayawati added that his brother will never become an MP, MLA or chief minister. Addressing the party workers in a meeting on Friday, Mayawati said that, “I announce my brother Anand Kumar as the party’s national vice president with the condition that he will never become MP, MLA, minister or the chief minister.”

Anand Kumar was recently into controversies after reports indicated that around Rs 1.43 crores were deposited in his account after note-ban. The successor of Mayawati has always been in speculation of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and earlier this month, there were multiple searches at nearly a dozen premises of business linked to Mayawati’s brother.

According to reports, while Mayawati was the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Kumar’s companies made “abnormal profits” around 18,000 percent in seven years. Before Mayawati came into power in the state, Kumar worked as a clerk with the Noida Authority. However, after Mayawati’s victory in 2007, Kumar floated around 50 companies and also allotted lands to builders in Noida.

In 2013, two people with Rs 400 crores were seized up by the Income Tax department. Reports indicated that the people were acting as fronts for Kumar for buying 60 acres of land on NH 24 near Ghaziabad. However, the income tax department later released the money.

Reports suggest that while Mayawati was the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Anand Kumar’s net worth grew from Rs 7.5 crore to 1,315 crores. However, Mayawati has always been in support of her brother. Blaming Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to target herself and her brother, Mayawati said that her brother did not budge to the pressure. “He once assured me that he would not succumb to ensure that party keeps up with its Bahujan mission…That is why I have decided to appoint him as party’s vice-president,” the 61-year-old party president said.