Lucknow: Details have begun emerging from the income tax raids at the residences of BSP chief Mayawati’s former secretary Netram. ANI quoted department sources on Wednesday and said that the raids, which were conducted over tax evasions amounting to Rs 100 crore, revealed that there were as many as 30 shell companies.

They said that in most of those companies, either family members of the assessee (Netram) or his in-laws were shown as shareholders and directors but the latter expressed complete ignorance about it.

They said Netram’s children were the authorized persons to operate bank accounts of the shell companies. Accommodation entries of about Rs 95 cr were from Kolkata-based entry operators.

As far as property was concerned, Netram allegedly acquired six properties out of bogus share capital of Rs 95 crore. Of those, two properties were in Delhi, one in Mumbai and three in Kolkata.

From the raid in the Lucknow residence, Rs 18 lakh in cash was recovered. The Delhi raid revealed Rs 86 lakh while another Rs 60 lakh was found with an associated person. The sources said that a bank locker had another Rs 50 lakh.

Among other items confiscated were four benami luxury cars, Mont Blanc pens worth Rs 50 lakh and scores of property papers. Additional properties worth Rs 225 crore had also been detected.

Also, documents of shares of shell company as gifts to family members of the assessee were found. Handwritten diaries found recording transactions for acquiring shell companies and investments. Sources also reported extra luxurious interiors, a mini theatre, gym and fittings in the Lucknow and Greater Kailash (Delhi) houses of Netram.

Netram, a 1979-batch IAS officer, is considered close to the BSP chief. He was part of a group of powerful bureaucrats who ran the show when Mayawati was the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister in 2007 and 2012.